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Stubborn Weight

It’s not just about watching what you eat and exercising. Stubborn weight (excess fat) can be complicated, and if you’re trying to find solutions on your own it may be quite frustrating! If you are truly committed, we can work together and get to the bottom of it, once and for all! And it’s not just about your appearance, it’s about your health – feeling strong and confident! Stubborn weight is often a sign your body is out of balance.

Key aspects to address and optimize fat loss:

1. Digestion – if you have digestive concerns, but are ignoring them because fat loss is your top priority, think again! If the food you are fuelling your body with isn’t helping you, it’s hurting you! I often see people add in more dairy products when trying to lose weight, even though they know it doesn’t treat their stomach well. Yes, dairy products can be a great, easy source of protein and calcium, however, if they cause you any digestive symptoms – bloating, gas, stomach pains, loose stools, constipation – I typically recommend you minimize them or cut them out completely.

2. Liver and mitochondrial health – key aspects in fat loss as they help the body burn fat as fuel. Supporting your liver and mitochondria can be game changers in fat loss – I see this often in practice! To learn more read, How does the liver work? and All About Fat Loss.

3. Hormones – start with optimizing thyroid hormones, cortisol, insulin, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. If your hormones are balanced, fat loss should almost feel easy – you have energy and minimal food cravings!

4. Inflammation – this may be due to poor diet, environment, and/or chronic infections. Inflammation is hard on the body, and it the underlying cause of most health concerns. There are also links with inflammation and cellulite. I often see cellulite reduction when reducing inflammation with food, supplements, and exercise. For more information about combating cellulite.

5. Mindset – get clear on why you want to lose fat, and make it meaningful – you’ll get better results. Examine your relationship with food – do you eat even when you’re not hungry? Is food a comfort for you? Do you sometimes feel out of control when eating? We all eat emotionally at times, but it shouldn’t be in a way that impacts your goals. Dig deeper into your patterns and habits around food – this is often overlooked and something I work closely on with my patients.

6. Community – surround yourself with positive people! You are an average of the five people you spend the most time with . These people shape who you are. When you look around, do your “top 5” raise you up or bring you down?

OK, so, how do you know if you’re doing a proper fat loss plan!? You feel good while doing it! You have good energy and mood, sleep well, and have food minimal cravings. For females, it’s important to pay close attention to your period and associated symptoms – these should improve. If you start to notice period symptoms getting worse, this is a red flag! Improper fat loss plans may also reduce your libido – another red flag! Remember, when making any changes to better your health – always check in with yourself and make sure it feels right.

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