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3 Ways to “Green” Your Life

1. Ditch the plastic. Use glass or ceramics whenever possible to store food and water, avoid putting anything plastic in the microwave, and opt for a glass or stainless steel water bottle. How nice are these glass bkr bottles? 

2. Switch [at least] one of your body care products to a natural option that is free of phthalates, parabens, aluminum, etc. (examples include shampoo, conditioner soap, deodorant). This is my current deodorant and I must say, I love it!

3. I often get asked which foods we should be buying organic. I like to direct people to the Environmental Working Group’s list of “Clean Fifteen” and “Dirty Dozen”. If you currently aren’t buying any of your produce organic, I would start with this year’s heavy hitters; spinach and strawberries. Click on photo for the complete list:


*I have no affiliations with these products

4 Reasons to Drink More Water

We all know drinking water is good for you, but how often do we have days where we aren’t getting enough? Check out these 4 reasons to stay hydrated! Staying hydrated helps keep you regular:

1. Staying hydrated can help keep you “regular”. Having issues with constipation? Adequate water and fiber intake keep your bowels moving as long as there is no other underlying cause. 

2. Improved energy and concentration. Dehydration can leave you feeling tired and cause impaired memory and cognition. 

3. Better physical performance. Under even mild levels of dehydration, performance during physical activity can be affected and you can see reduced endurance, increased fatigue, altered thermoregulation, and lower motivation.

4. Can help lose weight. Not only does choosing water over sugary, high-caloric drinks help you lose weight, but drinking plenty of water can help you feel full and can also boost your metabolism. 


  • Amount to drink: weight (lbs)/2 = # oz water/day
  • Start your day with 500mL of water
  • Add lemon, cucumber, mint, or berries to your water to mix it up
  • Drink herbal teas as they count as a form of hydration

8 Recipes for healthy lunches, snacks, and busy weeknights

Busy weeks shouldn’t force you to compromise on your nutrition. Here are some quick and easy favourites (click on the photos for recipes)!


1. Smoothies


2. Mason Jar Salad


3. Quinoa pizza bites


4. Bowls

These are one of my favourites for lunch or supper. There are so many different variations including burrito bowls and buddha bowls that you just don’t get tired of them.


5. Sweet potato toast 

There are tons of variations out there, but here is a simple one with avocado and egg to get started with.


6. One pan meals

Quick and easy, with minimal clean up.


7. Roasted chickpeas:


8. No-Bake Energy Balls

There are a lot of different recipes for these, this one is a carrot cake energy ball.